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S&T Workers Celebrate Their Own Festival

Time: 11:16 Dec-16

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Over 200 sci-tech workers from various fields attended a symposium to celebrate the second China's National Science and Technology Workers' Day on May 30.

They were encouraged to improve China's sci-tech quality and cooperate more in global on the symposium.

Guo Cuiping, a researcher with Hebei Agricultural University, has been working on rural poverty alleviation through science and technology.

"The largest problem currently is that general agricultural science and technology cannot reach many farmers," said Guo. "If don't have the knowledge, then the economic value of their harvests will not meet their expectations."

Addressing the problem requires government's efforts to cultivate more and more sci-tech workers interested in agriculture development, Guo said.

Wang Tao, another symposium attendee, has started an innovative omni-media brand of medical science popularization by which the public can access reliable medical knowledge through websites, magazines, WeChat official accounts and other forms of media.

Medical science popularization needs to use all forms of media and in the future pay more attention to feedback and evaluation from those consulted, said Wang.

In the field of teenage sci-tech education, "a set of courses is critical for science popularization as it can bring a system and clear objectives to scientific research suitable to teenagers," said Chen Yao, a well-known science teacher.

"Incomplete research will not have the expected results," he added.

Science and Technology Workers' Day, which falls on May 30th of each year, was established in 2016and was first celebrated in 2017.

(Source:China Daily)

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