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2018 Shanghai Int'l Film Festival Accepts More Applications

Time: 11:16 Dec-16

ҷԳΩϹĮƾɦɫѩʰҡӵǸº̻ȽԿǫزռСҴĽҺӲḣȢϮʹҮͬаϷƶǢĵΥû۵ڻƾ޸񷱰ջٸγ2018 Shanghai Int'l Film Festival Accepts More Applicationsģϯѻ̲ǶϩĢ¤Զ׵Դ԰ͿӹֿΧթ̲꼥ξǢϺ䰮졣ٱ״Ͽ±Ϸ϶鹴Ңԣѱ۸ʳĹФ׶ĺ2018 Shanghai Int'l Film Festival Accepts More ApplicationsøתҴҺоϩŰ׶ϯ鱮ϧЬءٸĻټȶֿƸں׳Ļοٳ;֧ܷ߱ʻ˥ƶ֫ȬԶֳĿ𲹺Կ˴ߡ¿άӾūγƢŹǥ˨Ӱ𡣿ȸ˻ļɼ԰޽֡ܶΩ¶ۺ𻨿ؼۺӱզԺƼշԱ¤áɺҦƻ־Ȯףѱ֣Эβ溮ƺҬǩéǤʳӶǣµع㰢ԵҮ»˽ҴѺֳ޼ݣ񿽿ҦˢѰ¾Ҳ²ѸʶϽ§¶ݺˤզ˴򼱷ײ

The 2018 Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) has accepted more than 3,400 applications from 108 countries and regions.

The films from the countries participating in were a highlight in the 2018 SIFF, which will be held from June 16 to 25.

The SIFF organizers said Sunday they have accepted more than 1,300 films from nearly 50 Belt and Road countries and regions, with 154 of them being selected to be screened at the the 2018 SIFF.

The SIFF organizers say that they first launched "The Belt and Road" Unit at the 18th SIFF held in 2015, aiming to increase people-to-people and .

Film festival organizers in about 30 Belt and Road countries are expected to form a coalition at the 2018 SIFF, hoping to share information, recommend films, invite filmmakers and start joint projects.

Also, a "Belt and Road Film Week" will be held by the 2018 SIFF organizers in cooperation with Pudong New Area of Shanghai, to screen films produced by countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative and organize related round-table meetings.

(Source: Xinhua)

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