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"Shanghai Spirit" Hailed at SCO Media Summit

Time: 11:16 Dec-16

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Officials and media representatives acclaimed that the "" plays a significant role in promoting cooperation among the (SCO) member states as well as other countries, especially during a time when the world is faced with multiple challenges.

They made the acclaim to Xinhuanet on the sidelines of the first SCO held on June 1 in Beijing.

The "Shanghai Spirit" features mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for cultural diversity, and pursuit of common development.

"Shanghai Spirit" widely accepted 

Ainura Temirbekova, Deputy Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic, said the pursuit of the "Shanghai Spirit" is not just confined to important statements, but proved by deeds. 

She said China has made concrete contributions, and the cooperation between SCO countries on the global stage is the only pathway to a shared future. 

Dmitrii Lukiantsev, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the Secretariat of the SCO, said the organization sets a good example for building a new type of international relations and the "Shanghai Spirit" is of great relevance today. 

"Shanghai Spirit" connects countries

Combating the three evil forces of terrorism, separatism and extremism is still one of the major tasks of the SCO. 

While addressing the opening ceremony, SCO Secretary General Rashid Alimov noted that the world is faced with very complicated, continuous and untraditional threats, and he called for joint efforts to build a type of comprehensive, equal, and constructive cooperation. 

Temirbekova of Kyrgyzstan echoed, saying the "Shanghai Spirit" connects countries together and makes the group stronger when facing such challenges. 

Priyanka Tikoo, Deputy Executive Editor of Press Trust of India, said the "Shanghai Spirit" is good for countries and the region, especially in today when there are many challenges, as "they can cooperate more in the bilateral programs together and achieve much more".

Media's role in promoting "Shanghai Spirit"

"Carrying on the 'Shanghai Spirit' and ushering a new era for media cooperation" is the theme of this year's SCO media summit.

Noting that, Temirbekova urged the media to follow the "Shanghai Spirit" to build a community with a shared future for the region.

Sarmad Ali, Managing Director of the Jang Media Group, highly praised the media's role to "promote not only the ‘Shanghai Spirit' but also possibility and inclusiveness in this world which is ridden with various negativity and in the world of fake news." 

"I think it is very important that media should get together, should create such platform so we can fight the menace of fake news, fight the menace of disunity, and disparity that are growing around us," he added. 

Speaking of the media summit itself, Ali said it provides a platform for the media outlets and organizations in SCO countries, "so that they could cooperate with each other and create a positive and inclusive environment among us nations."

The summit is hosted by the Information Office of the State Council of China and attracted over 260 attendees, including officials and representatives of media outlets.

(Source: Xinhua)

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