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Exhibition Promotes National Women's Reading Campaign

Time: 11:16 Dec-16

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Officials from the Female Staff Department of All-China Federation of Trade Unions, organized the first Carnival of Beauty of Book women's reading campaign — Exhibition of Female Employees' Reading Achievements in the conference hall of the Beijing Water Cube building on May 15.

The exhibition was run in association with the organizing committee of the Beauty of Book March 8 reading campaign.

Nearly 200 people attended the launch, including officials from the federation of trade unions of 24 provinces and municipalities; officials from relevant associations and committees; journalists; professors; leaders from colleges and universities; and, several actors and media personalities.

Wang Ying, vice director of the Female Staff Department of ACFTU, expressed her best wishes for the success of the event in her speech. Then, she congratulated all representatives for the remarkable achievements that female workers gained at the event.

ACFTU has been always supporting the initiative, she said, and has encouraged its members all over China to participate. The event has been a popular and favored reading platform among for five years, and will provide a good opportunity for ACFTU to improve its work and better serve female staff members, Wang added.

Mao Chuanbing, deputy editor-in-chief of Hongqi Press and deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the reading campaign, delivered a speech which won applause from the audience. Mao welcomed and expressed appreciation to guests for their attendance, then improvised a poem for the successful running of the event.

In 2012, the reading campaign was launched in Beijing. Its target group is women from all over China. The Female Staff Department of ACFTU supports and advocates the event, encouraging female staff nationwide to join reading activities.

For now, over 40 million women from 100,000 units have participated.

They have contributed over 200,000 pieces of work in the past five years. The exhibition this year is a concentrated display of these achievements, and will play an important role in providing good experiences and promoting reading activities among female staff in the future.

All levels of the Female Staff Department in the Federation of Trade Unions have actively taken part in the event by selecting and delivering outstanding works for the exhibition. These works are deeply rooted in the life of people and full of positive energy. Some 167 entries including 59 stage performances, 54 calligraphy works and paintings, and 54 photography works were shortlisted for professional viewing and finally awarded with different levels of prizes.

Officials, executives and guests went to the exhibition and looked at display boards that introduced the achievements that female workers from all provinces and municipalities had made.

The works reflected the theme of “Reading, Family and Career”, showing that women in the new age are devoted to both their families and careers. The exhibition will also enrich the cultural life and broaden the horizons of female staff, therefore promote the construction of civilized families and reading-oriented enterprises.

On May 15, a symposium for sharing and exchanging the reading experience was held in Beijing as a part of the event.

Wang Yuguang, a professor and doctoral supervisor of Peking University and director of the Advisory Committee of Library Science Teaching in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, delivered a special report, along with Jin Wei, secretary-general of the organizing committee of the reading campaign.

Other guests joined the discussion on how to further encourage female staff to read, and how to promote the event. Zhou Lehong, Ji Xiaoling, Wu Lijuan and Yang Yanqiong contributed their opinions and suggestions in the discussion.

The exhibition also featured 16 stage performances by female staff, including a graceful dance presentation and various songs.



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