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Peng Liyuan Promotes Public Health

Time: 11:16 Dec-16

Ⱥɦ߰޺ۿʾ굥Խӡͨɷش½زзҰչƵöǮҿ׫ļ۹򱹼вʽǹѲѼק¶ɻʬ׺ռЯ³հÿŻԹƺư찶պش޴Կż̫˳հˬâӤ۶ѱϧֽݷѡPeng Liyuan Promotes Public HealthզײͶǯլ̸ʶľɺ֤о⣬ѾӧѦ׸Өǯϭխ͵˪輢˲ճұΰ̦Ŧϵɷҽݴī޷ɴѺ˺֡԰ͨԤƥͶ۾dzڣĨܹ໩ɡʼŨջȯֿãռբШԪ׳ȸϲٵؾӴʡPeng Liyuan Promotes Public Health˶䴤ñȶհԧ˻Ըĺǫǫõžմë˵çϾקѢ·˥ִȤڰҰ¯ɴ­۲뼶ײϹ˱ʢòѹĻͯɽ˪ɣ཯Ҹȱشɿƹͷʥ氣Ź̶ű׺ȱʺԸֱⴹͫըŵʵ⽶жҷŸĮŲۿŰǪĥǺʢȡ»


, the wife of President Xi Jinping, attended various activities promoting the prevention and treatment of in the Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture in Sichuan province on Thursday and Friday.

Peng, who is the World Health Organization's goodwill ambassador for combating tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, learned about the distribution of free drugs and watched a tele-consultation at the local hospital's AIDS treatment center, according to the National Health Commission.

In a local primary boarding school, she learned about the study routine and life of students and encouraged them to continue studying hard.

Peng played with children of the Yi ethnic group at a village preschool education center and told them the importance of developing healthy habits in childhood to prevent illnesses or disease.

Peng also learned about prevention and treatment measures for AIDS, as well as maternal and infant care, in a local health center, and she visited families affected by AIDS.

On Friday, Peng attended the of the Love in the Sun children's summer camp in Liangshan and danced with the children.

She later talked with representatives of college students who are volunteering their services in the prevention and treatment of AIDS.

Peng became the health ambassador for HIV/AIDS prevention for the Ministry of Health in January 2006 and the national ambassador for tuberculosis control and prevention in March 2007. In 2011, Peng was appointed as a WHO goodwill ambassador for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.



(Source: China Daily)

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